Thursday, December 3, 2009

Like Clockwork - TV Salespeople

So, it's Thursday and I'm in the mood to write again. I'm up obnoxiously early compared to the time I'm USUALLY awake- but I've been starting this new thing called "Go to bed earlier so you can wake up earlier." It's crazy, I can't believe no one told me about it in the past.

I'm hoping it can continue- I'm really enjoying being up normal times-- when other people are awake.

Lately, I've been watching a ton of QVC. I look back to my earlier days, when I "had" to sleep with a TV on in order to go to sleep. My parents bought it-- but I couldn't watch ESPN, like I wanted to back in second or third grade, they made me leave QVC on to go to sleep.

So, here I was, like a kid in the candy store sometimes (during the sports and electronics show, my taste was not yet refined enough for the gourmet food shows) and wanting to pull my hair during all of the fashion and jewelry shows. I soon enough became enamored by this idea of someone on my TV screen selling stuff and being able to sell tens of thousands of items in 2 or 3 minute spots.

I personified the term "window shopping". If QVC's goal was to sell me something- they were unsuccessful. Heck, I was only 9 or 10. I actually wrote my favorite host an email (he would read emails during the shows) and he read mine on air. I know- I'm cool. I was about as starstruck as the old ladies that call in moaning in excitement to "finally" be able to meet their favorite on-air personality.

So what does this have to do with now? Well, I feel nostalgic. I've been watching QVC a lot lately, this time -I- get to choose when to watch. I say I feel nostalgic because nothing much has changed except for the fact that if jewelry or fashion is on (besides the guy who looks like a bear and talks like Harvey Fierstein) I have the ability to change to something else! I'm still the observant, not-very-profitable, window-shopper.

I've been watching it a lot, especially when I'm with Jess, but I have no intention of ever buying anything, which is surprising- go with me to a mall or Best Buy- better yet, a gourmet grocery store. It would be rare to find a time where I DIDN'T buy something.

I think its more the selling-on-the-fly, seeing how people get so attached to products they simply have to call in and tell a bunch of people they don't know how great the products are, as well as the sheer variety offered that makes me so intrigued by this idea.

I know this blog is a diversion from what I usually write, don't really know why, I just decided to blog about something odd today.

How many of you still consistently "window shop" without ever intending to buy anything? I mean, I'm sure you walk by Tiffany & Co. and don't buy anything (and there's probably good reason for that *stares at empty wallet*) but what about in situations where you CAN afford it? Where do you go where you just observe? Why don't you buy?

On the same token- can someone tell me why I choose QVC over most other programming on TV? Is there any logical reason for this? Or is it just a test of self-control?

I'm going to answer my first set of questions, but I look forward to hearing any responses. EVERY time I go to the mall, it never fails, the Apple Store is one of my first stops. I rarely have any intention to buy anything, but I own a Mac and an iPhone- I'm a Mac geek. I feel like a part of the community in there, I just browse, like I'm sure 80% of everyone who goes into an Apple Store. I love the atmosphere and the hustle and bustle of that store, it's a very welcoming store- and those are the stores that are going to last. I think my next blog might be more about Apple :)

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